Reykjavik, Iceland - June 29, 2016

Iceland and the Atlantic
Today, Christina and I embarked on our trip to Europe and the Camino de Santiago. We bought the tickets in March, but really didn't do any planning for the adventure until we arrived home Sunday from backpacking the Ozette Triangle on the Washington coast with friends. I like to place plans on simmer. 

On Monday, we picked up an Airbnb for two nights in Bayonne, France. Last night, we purchased rail tickets from Paris to Bayonne. After two nights in Bayonne, we plan to catch a morning train to St. Jean and begin the Camino. Following that, we'll live day-to-day; I find this lifestyle pleasing.

Packing Light for Five Weeks
Beautiful views were had flying over Hudson Bay. It's easy to choose purple as a favorite color when the sky is lit with a multitude of shades. The broken ice, miles wide, formed circular patterns that I was drawn to. Nature predictably signs her name.

Ode to Hendrix
Iceland Air provided the documentary "Heima" by the music group Sigur Ros. I thought it fitting to commit my attention to it. The film documents the band's concert tour they freely gave to the people of Iceland. I can highly recommend "Heima" as a piece of art.

"Not Edible"

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