Belorado, Spain - July 11, 2016

We woke early this morning and started walking. Cloud cover kept the temperature at a manageable level. It was a day for distance.

There were very few places to rest, and many albergues were closed. With only three minor breaks, we covered 37.6 kilometers (23+ miles). We are getting in hiking shape.

Wildflowers are flourishing on the Camino. Poppies are a consistent feature of the wild area of ground between the Camino and the wheat fields. There is a lavender thistle that climbs like a candelabra, poised to break into bloom. Others catch my attention which I can't identify. I have seen pilgrims' sticks adorned with many of them. I wish I had longer hair.

Shortly into the inhabited area of Belorado, we found "A Santiago", an albergue with plenty of beds (5 euros). The sleeping arrangement and showers were decent, the food didn't reach that level. I found "The Pilgrim's Rest" (ham, eggs and fries) troubling, my first real disappointment.

Time slowed down today as we stretched ourselves for distance. The rhythm of pace and breath is trance-like. There is something primitive we are touching on; I think that I'm just starting to understand this new way of being.

I am certain that we will carry this journey with us when we leave - the way we started, the people we became, the people we hope to be.

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