Los Arcos, Spain - July 7, 2016

Last night, my earplugs could not block out the sound of thunder and the rain falling on cobblestones outside Casa Magica. Lightning pierced the back wall of the common sleeping room, a flickering strobe. There would be fresh air in the morning.

We woke early (5:30) and moved west on the Camino. Stopping in Estella for breakfast, we caught Pamplona's Running of the Bulls live on television. All present were glued to the screen. I will need to reread Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" after the completion of this journey.

Cats are cared for on the Camino. Along the path, they can often be found stretched out in sunny spots, trolling for pilgrims' attention. The best of them are able to set the hook deep, precipitating an extended massage behind the ears. Temptations are abundant on the Camino.

On the outskirts of Estella, we caught sight of a group pilgrims, many with bottles in their hands. Before reaching them, I noticed one man break free of the herd and stumble away up the path. We had reached the fabled wine fountain. Pilgrims were taking full advantage at eight o'clock in the morning, too early for me to get serious.

Today, Christina and I covered 25.4 kilometers (15+ miles); the final ten was hot. Upon entering Los Arcos, we were turned away by two albergues. La Fuenta had beds. We chose a small room with two female teachers from the Czech Republic.

We spent the evening in the town square, speaking with a Hungarian couple, Daniel and Sophia, and watching a Euro Cup game (Germany vs. France) with a Polish/German couple, Martina and Pedro. In Spain, the evening calls people together.

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