Acebo, Spain - July 23 - 24, 2016

Initially, we planned to take the twenty-third completely off and spend a second night in Astorga. After naps in the park, we scratched that idea and walked to Santa Catalina, spending the night in albergue "El Caminante" (The Walker).

The price was right and the dinner filling; the sleeping situation, on the other hand, was rather poor. There was one bed with a slat missing in the room. If the game were roulette, I picked the chamber with the bullet. My back paid the price.

We have moved on from the arid Meseta and entered the green of Galicia. Climbing into the mountains of Leon had me thinking about the rolling hills of California. We took a side trail to sit atop the highest point on the Camino, Alto Altar Mayor (high altar). Christina and I recorded a Happy Birthday video for our son Olin and texted it to him. I hope he has a special day.

In Acebo, we stayed at Apostol Santiago, a church that operates by donation. During a short service, the parish priest shared his view that those walking the Camino were "called." Later, during the communal meal, David, a Frenchman, spoke at length about his "calling." His dreams of the sacred scallop shell followed by other undeniably connected events lead me to believe there is something cosmic about the Camino.

We ended up covering a total of 37.1 kilometers (23 miles) the past two days.

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