Alto do Poio, Spain - July 26 - 27, 2016

The quality of albergue showers vary widely. At best, the filthy pilgrim is offered a double-stall, one part shower, one part dry changing space. This situation has been encountered in less than twenty percent of our accommodations.

More commonly, a single shower is offered. In these situations, clothes can be draped over the top of the sliding doors for access after the pilgrim is dry. Rarely is there a place to put soap and shampoo other than the shower pan. This does not present too difficult an issue. 

Several times, Christina and I have suffered showers, typically in the parishes, where the amount of floor space forces the unlucky pilgrim into a wet straight jacket. This unfortunate situation is often coupled with a plastic shower curtain. As the heat rises, these curtains become an intoxicated dance partner, draping themselves all over the irritated pilgrim. Clubbing the curtain with the detached shower head gives a moment of peace. 

Holding a pencil position is of utmost importance when washing the body. Movement outside of a two foot diameter often results in inadvertently brushing the valve, dropping the temperature dramatically or skyrocketing it to scalding. At this juncture, the peregrino is forced to retreat back into the clinging arms of the curtain. This battle rages on until, exhausted, the pilgrim shuts off the water, wondering if it was all worth it.

We stayed at albergue "del Puerto". There was a lot of action around the space due to remodeling, chickens, blown fuses, orange juice orders and dogs. In the evening, a group of us (Kansas, Germany, Korea) played several card games with a deck that Christina had previously purchased. We ended with a lively game of spoons (which were played with straws).

Over the past two days, we have covered 56.3 kilometers (34.9 miles).

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