Mercadoiro, Spain - July 28 - 29, 2016

The last 47.7 kilometers (29.6 miles) have comprised some of the most beautiful hiking here in Spain. The trail is in pristine condition and the animals are docile. Christina stops often. I worry she will want to fence the property.

We are seeing more pilgrims on the Camino now, many starting in Sarria, the town we passed through today. I'm happy to see more people enjoying this experience even through they are limited on time.

Currently, we are less than one hundred kilometers from Santiago. At our pace, we should arrive in four days. Just as the sun appears to move more quickly as it sets, the speed of these last days seem to have quickened. I'm holding onto these moments as long as I possibly can.

Last night, after the pilgrim dinner, we played the card game "Mao" with Svenya (Germany) and Meredith (Kansas). The two came to the Camino on their own but have been traveling together from the very beginning. It seems that although many come to the Camino alone, most everyone finds someone to travel with. We are pack oriented.

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