Burgos, Spain - July 13, 2016

On the dirt path outside of Atapuerca, our way was slowed by a large flock of sheep. Helping them along was a man and his dog. For at least eight hundred meters, the Camino was blanketed with wool. In that short time, we caught a glimpse of the shepherd's simple life, his pace and music, the ever-changing melody of bells. This existence holds special attraction.

We took an alternate river trail into Burgos. I'm glad that we did. The main route looked to be a heavily urban adventure into the city center. Shady chestnut trees and water music were our rewards. This was the third time that deviating from the main path has paid off. We're getting comfortable here.

After covering 26.1 kilometers (16+ miles), we arrived in the city of Burgos at around two o'clock. It was Christina's day to choose our accommodations. She picked a private room in Hotel Jacobeo. Nice place.

Heading out into the main plaza, we happened upon our friends from Poland, Martina and Pablo. The night ended in a local pub with broken darts and the music of Justin Timberlake. My kind of evening.

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