San Martin del Camino, Spain - July 21, 2016

Eight o'clock came quickly this morning. We didn't leave Leon until close to ten. Honestly, the extra sleep was needed.

The terrain today was, again, urban. The sound of vehicles passing by the Camino reminded me of my bicycle tours the last two summers. Cloud cover and lower temperatures did help make the 26.6 kilometers (16.5 miles) easier. Also, for a lengthy portion of the walk, we spoke with Magdalena, our Polish friend. This is always a pleasant experience.

Reaching San Martin del Camino, we took a room (20 euros) in albergue Santa Ana. After showers and a relaxing drink, we did laundry. Cats and roosters roamed the rear of the premises as we hung our articles out to dry.

Highlighting the communal dinner was an enormous pan of paella. The dish was delicious, but I pity the dishwasher. At our table, we spoke with freshly graduated high school students from Germany, Connecticut and Indiana. They were traveling as a group, having found each other early on the way. Like I mentioned in a previous post, trips such as the Camino are what the youth of today should take. Encouragement, desire and a small amount of funding is all that is necessary.

Life is eat, sleep, walk, talk. Simplicity allows time to think. Is there a better way to spend time?

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