San Juan de Ortega, Spain - July 12, 2016

The path today led us through a young oak forest in high country. The fog was cooling, a welcome change. We took one of our breaks near an assortment of carved totems. For three years, a Spanish woman has been driving to this place to feed pilgrims by donation. Her collection of artwork grows. Christina enjoyed the woman's kitten. I ate a peach.

After covering a long distance yesterday, we were determined to find time for rest. Waking at five o'clock, we began our journey before sunrise. We took three breaks on our way to San Juan, covering 24.2 kilometers (15 miles), and arrived at the parish albergue before one-thirty. Post check-in and shower, I climbed into my top bunk bed and was asleep by 2:15 PM.

The San Juan Parish has been serving pilgrims for hundreds of years. The accommodations were basic but adequate. We enjoyed a large communal meal, meeting two German women and a Italian man. The latter spoke of his recent camping tour through Germany. My interest was piqued. What will next summer bring?

After dinner, we entered the adjacent cathedral. Christina, along with several other pilgrims, happened to be in a small sitting space. A monk walked up and started singing/chanting in what I believe was Latin. Soon the man had gathered together a flash-mob of pilgrims; they read biblical lessons from a pamphlet and sang. Christina, now seated with the text, motioned discretely for me to join. Smiling, I headed for the cathedral door. Although we follow the same path, the Camino is, in many ways, an individual experience.

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  1. Thank you Nels! I'm walking the path with you and Christina through her fb posts and your blog. See you at the TapRoom! Tracy