Navarrete, Spain - July 9, 2016

Having grown accustomed to Catholic medieval art, today I decided to turn my attention to the street art in and around Logrono. This being a highly populated area, there was quite a lot on display. A diverse number of subjects were depicted, although the Camino itself remained a strong focus.

The ephemeral quality of street art prompts living with each piece in the moment. I enjoyed taking pictures of the work and found strength in it.

Feeling the heat, we still managed 22.1 kilometers (13+ miles). With eight kilometers left to go, we took an hour-long siesta in a park adjacent to lake Pantano de La Grajera. Getting out early in the morning and taking a nap at mid-day is a patten that fits the trials of the Camino.

We easily found beds in the albergue El Cantaro. Only four of the twelve beds were used. We practically had a private room for ten euros each.

After dinner in town, we stood outside the cathedral and watched a grandfather and granddaughter engaged in a water war. He moved slowly with his cane, but carried the larger weapon (a two-liter bottle). The youngster had the disadvantage of a small bottle and her inability to reload; her father had to boost her to the fountain. Speed kills, and both were equally drenched. I couldn't help but feel envious.

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