Castrojeriz, Spain - July 15, 2016

Weighing anchor at 5:30, we set sail on an inland sea of wheat as we continued our Camino through the Meseta (plateau) region of Spain. Small islands of trees kept my eyes moving through this lonely land.

On the way, we stopped at an albergue built inside the ancient ruins of San Anton. The shelter had no electricity and very little running water. While resting in the ruins, we considered staying for the experience but decided to cover more ground.

After hiking for 30.5 kilometers (18+ miles), we arrived in Castrojeriz. Beds were available at refugio San Juan. The cost to stay was by donativo (donation). After cleaning up and stepping into the town for dinner, we retuned to the albergue.

Christina is a gamer and had an interest in playing cards. In the dining room, we found Marketta and Karolina, a mother and daughter from the Czech Republic. The two were up for it. We started with Old Maid, then moved to Golf.

After a few hands, the volunteer at the albergue kindly offered everyone a wine that started sweet and ended dry. I was surprised how closely this matched the way my Golf hands played out over the course of the evening.

Karolina, who is eleven years old, carries her own pack and is walking the five hundred miles to Santiago. She often free-camps with her mother outside of towns. Quite inspiring. How would the world change if the youth were to have a Camino-like experience at the end of their formal education?

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  1. "...youth were to have a Camino-like experience at the end of their formal education? " Yeah!