Azofra, Spain - July 10, 2016

I am learning the customs of Spain. In the evening, a small group of us (two Danes, one Swiss and one German) were finishing up a meal in the sultry Azofra heat. For dessert, I was offered a whole banana on a plate; a knife and fork were provided. For a moment, my world stood still. I was set back in motion after being told that the Spanish eat everything with utensils. I removed the peel and tenderly cut each piece.

Unfortunately, up to this point, I have been using my hands to consume all varieties of fruit while walking the streets of Spain. After admitting this, Cecile, the Dane, told me that, to the Spanish, I am the epitome of a person who "wasn't raised right." How many Spaniards have used me as an example of barbarity? How many have shielded their children's eyes?

Camino names were, at the same time, being discussed. Cecile anointed me "The man who is learning how to behave." I didn't know how to thank her.

Today, we walked a hot 23.3 kilometers (14+ miles). Fields of grape vine alternated with acres of wheat. It's no wonder the Spanish are practically giving away their wine and bread.

We stopped at the Monasterio of Santa Maria de la Real. The cathedral was built around the very cave where a man, Don Garcia, found a statue of the Virgin Mary. The cave was integrated into the massive cathedral; the statue itself is there. Ancient kings and queens of the area rest in heavy stone coffins by the cave's entrance. Garcia must still be smiling.


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  2. Imagine how many minds you have polluted by not using utensils. :)