Zubiri, Spain - July 3, 2016

Sleeping in Roncesvalles, Spain
The common sleeping rooms on the Camino are a phenomenon worth exploring. I appreciate the fact that they are a catalyst for breaking down barriers between people. We walk together, we eat together, we sleep together. The Camino perpetuates equality.

Zubiri Municipal Albergue - Inside
Stepping down off my soapbox, there are problems with this night-time living situation. As one would expect, the chorus of snores begin shortly after the lights go off at exactly ten o'clock. It seems unfair that the snoring sleeper is able to realize the benefit of good rest while other pilgrims patiently endure this hardship. Will Karma ever catch up with the loud individual? Are you responsible for something that you cannot help, or even know about? How long can the body sustain punishing mileage in a sleep-deprived state? These are the deep questions that the Camino asks. I hope to find an answer.

One Step at a Time
We walked over twenty kilometers today (13+ miles). Some up, some down. Once again, it was beautiful. As we passed through the outskirts of Espinal, a Spanish man waited by the side of the road kissing women as they hiked by. I noticed the glimmer in his eye.

After crossing the stone bridge to our ending point, Zubiri, we secured beds in the albergue Antigua Escuela (8 Euro). The facility was located next to the public school. They had a single washer and dryer as well as hot showers. What a deal!

Just after three o'clock, we walked back into town to a local restaurant for lasagna (delicious) and beer. With plenty of time left in the afternoon, Christina suggested we head down to the river.

The Soak
Stripping our shoes and socks at the edge of the rio Arga, we gingerly waded to the shallow center to sit on stones and cool our feet. I must admit, it was difficult to tear myself away from this tranquil position. Water works wonders on the body.

The rest of the afternoon was spent drifting in and out of sleep on the shaded riverbank, using packs as pillows. Waders came and went. A pair of horses showed up to munch some of the longer grasses by the riverside. We are officially on vacation.

Zubiri Municipal Albergue - Outside
Rousing ourselves, we headed back to the albergue to wash bodies and clothes. I climbed up in my bunk, did a little writing and dropped off to sleep before 9:30 PM. Tomorrow Pamplona...

Drying Out

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  1. The sleeping quarters definitely look packed in. I can imagine the loud snores at night.